Hello, my name is Samuel Edwards. 
I am a Photographer & Filmmaker based in Wales, United Kingdom.

I've always tried to document wherever I go in life.
As a child I would make scrap books, drawings and maps of the journeys I was fortunate enough to experience with my family across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 
What started as an obsessive method of preserving my memories has gradually, through the course of my life, transformed into a lifestyle of total observation.
I find capturing a moment, the people in it or the ethereal essence of a 'place', in a visual way is the most compelling way to tell our human stories. 


I typically shoot lifestyle, commercial, weddings, travel and adventure. 

I'm always interested to meet and collaborate with new people, brands, and businesses.

If you have any inquiries or even if you just fancy saying Hi, drop me a line here and I shall get back to you as soon as I can.

EMAIL: sam.edwards@myself.com

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